Wednesday, August 24, 2011

be patient, i'll brb!

I hate having to do this, and I was really going to try not to, but if I ever want to get my apartment packed and get on with my new job, I have to.

It's time for a blogging hiatus for a few weeks.

I won't be gone long, and I'll totally still be all over the Internet, so follow me on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook for all the goodies I don't have the time to share on this blog!

My plan is to bring this sucker back better than ever after making a couple changes once I get started in Virginia Beach, so get excited! ETA: The week following Labor Day.

Forgive me, love me, and in the meantime- check out the left side of this here blog and look at random, old posts! They never expire! ;)

Talk to you soon!


morning hangover 082411

I need to be focusing on moving but like... THE INTERNET HAS BEEN SO FUN! I DON'T WANNA!

First... Earthquake hilarity:
Now onto other things...
That's all for now! Happy Hump Day!


Friday, August 19, 2011

friday morning hangover 081911

TGIF, loveys! PS: I'm on Pinterest, and I'm OBSESSED! Sooo... follow me! ;)
Also, I'm playing in a celebrity softball game tonight and I promise I won't hit the ball once.. soo... come watch and make me feel better.
And that's all for now, folks!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dare: take sexy model pics

**DISCLAIMER TO MY MOTHER, FATHER, BROTHER, GRANDPARENTS, AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: This is one of those posts that you're going to yell at me about. This is why I tell you not to read this. If you continue reading this post, you agree that you will not lecture me, tell me I'm inappropriate, or be disgusted. Instead, you will laugh.**

A year ago I got a dare that I attempted to complete, got nervous, and put it on the back burner. While at the pool over the weekend, I told some friends about it, we drank some beers, and they helped me make it happen.

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm not sexy. I can't look sexy. I can't act sexy. I can't do a sexy voice. I'm way too awkward.

SO... I decided to do what all of the sexy bathing suit models do, with a touch of EB, of course.

Models make ridiculous faces, stick out their goodies, and suck in other areas. Sometimes they make themselves wet. Sometimes they sexually put things into their mouths. They might think they're keeping it classy, but let's be real- Adding Bud Light cans to a model shot is just as classy as what they have to offer, right?!

Oh, and don't forget the hair in the face. Britney taught me that is the epitome of sexy.

So... How'd I do?!

Don't answer that.


jennifer lopez's line for kohls is to die for

Somehow I missed the news that Jennifer Lopez and Kohl's had teamed up, but that doesn't matter because now that there are a few sneak peeks of the line coming out on September 7, I'm sharing.

I HAVE to! I'm obsessed with everything she is going to be putting out. I thought Kohl's was steppin' up their game with LC's line, but [even though I hate to say this] I think Jennifer Lopez's line is better! It's certainly true for this upcoming fall season, anyway.

Here are some of my favorites:

I can't even pick a favorite. I love it ALL! I have definitely loved JLo's fashion lately, so it's no surprise I love it... but I'm seriously about to start counting down the days til it's released.

I should also probably make plans to rob a few banks or friends so that I can afford some of it.

It's fine. I won't get caught.


watch: an adorably terrifying surprise wedding

Two posts having to do with marriage in 24 hours? Odd. But this video has my emotions going, too!

A guy asked his girlfriend what she'd want in her dream wedding for a year, put it all together, and surprised her by asking her to marry him... that day!

It's definitely crazy adorable and awesome of him to do that, and I'm sure she got everything she wanted, but isn't half the wedding the journey to get there?!

I'd probably end up punching him in the face and holding it against him for life if he took away all of my planning and stress. [Note to anyone who may have the balls to propose to me sometime in life.]

Ladies- Would YOU like it?!


hump day hangover 081711

I'm not going to lie... this is probably all I'll have time to post besides a couple of EB-exclusives for the next couple weeks while I'm in the process of moving. Hate it? Just wait til I launch the new version of my blog, k?
Andddd that's it for now! Enjoy your day, folks!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#onceyougetmarriedyoucant shows why i'll be single forever

It's no secret that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be single [or at least not married] for at least another decade. I'm not exactly the easiest person to date.. and I'm not about to change that.

PLUS, as much as being married sounds all peachy and smitten, today's trending topic of #OnceYouGetMarriedYouCant gives me endless reasons why my decision to "DO ME" is the right decision.

Here are some of the best tweets/reasons I found and my responses:

Look... A great relationship is cute and fabulous and I'm not hating... but if anyone thinks I'm giving up my life the way I love it now, they're TRIPPIN'. [/fake gangsta talk]


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

watch: john stamos and bob saget demonstrate the art of snuggling

This is by far the best thing I've seen in months.

Two of our favorite 90s brothers, Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner, errr... John Stamos and Bob Saget.... teamed together with College Humor to show us exactly how to snuggle a lady.

Godblessamerica they are freaking hysterical.

"Do it until you're doing the affectionate Soulja Boy dance."

I can't even deal. I need to watch again. Now.


watch etv: footage from my family's epic party

Every year my parents throw down hard for what we call "Plogerpalooza." All of their friends, my friends, my brother's friends, and our family come together for live music, rocket car races, dancing, moonbouncing, swimming, etc.

Oh, and alcohol and food. Duh.

A lot of you have been asking for more "real life" videos lately [which, BTW, you should be giving me more hours in a day when you do so, kthanks ;)] so I made sure I got some footage this time.

Check out what it's like at the 5th annual soiree, and see my mom do the Dougie. [Yes, really.]

Every year mom does something crazy. This year she did two things. The Dougie, and... well... a comment I don't ever wanna repeat but you can listen to the podcast and her response here.

And that's a Plogerpalooza! They say it was the last, but let's be real... I won't let that happen.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tunes on tuesday 080911

Happy Tuesday! Gotta make this quick and skip my opinions. Forgive, and enjoy!

Big Sean ft. Kanye West and Roscoe Dash--> Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay

Evanescence--> What You Want

Missy Elliot's remix of "Last Friday Night"

Lil Playy--> Birthday Dress

LMFAO--> Sexy and I Know It

We The Kings--> Say You Like Me

That's all for today! Enjoy!


eb irl: tonight's dinner concoction

There are definitely going to be some good, exciting changes coming to this blog in the upcoming weeks, but before I get into the details of that, I have got to share my dinner tonight.

Because I live alone, I can eat whatever I want. I have the cravings of a pregnant lady, so I pretty much grab everything that sounds good in my fridge and mix it all together. Somehow, it normally comes out damn good.

Since I'm going to try and eat all my food here without stocking more before moving, I feel a lot of concoctions coming on.

Tonight's: BBQ Chicken Eggs.

It. Was. Amazing. I'm no chef or anything, but I'm definitely a professional concoctor, so if you'd like to give it a try, here's what I did:
  • Small chicken breast, about the size of a large tender, thawed
  • 4 egg whites
  • <1/4 cup of no-fat shredded cheddar cheese
  • Slices of jalapeno to taste
  • Old Bay seasoning and garlic salt
  • A little more than a tablespoon of barbecue sauce
  1. Cook the chicken and jalapenos in a skillet until pretty much cooked through. Put the seasoning/spices on now, too.
  2. Mix the eggs and cheese into the chicken and peppers.
  3. Scramble until cooked.
  4. Mix in BBQ sauce while still on low heat.

Technically, I have no idea if this is low fat or not, but everything I use is low or no fat, so it has to be, right? All I know is that it was delicious, and you won't regret making it.

Do YOU have any concoctions you like making?! Tell me! I wanna try!


watch: "i'm callin the internet police!"

If this lady's appearance isn't enough to get you to watch the video, maybe the fact that her grandson is screamin' and hollerin' about his account being hacked while she threatens the Internet police will be.

Godblessamerica I'm crying in my office at 8am. What a beautiful way to start my morning.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

watch: reporter drops the p word very inappropriately

Some news reporter mistakes are a little more discreet than others... and some are so blunt, without any hesitation, and jaw dropping, that I just have to share.

Homegirl said one of two words that I hate, in a very interesting sentence:

I don't even think she did that on purpose to be funny... I think someone is just an idiot. Oh dear.


watch/listen: bet you've never heard britney's toxic sound like this

This is pretty incredible.

I love the original song by Britney, obvi, but this is such a completely different, stripped down version of "Toxic," it's impossible not to like.

Just beautiful. It gets better as it goes on.

I like her version of Katy Perry's "ET," too. Consider me a fan.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ebFashion: i got help from a stylist!

I love looking through celeb's outfits and picking out what I like, what I want to recreate, and what works. I like shopping and going to get everything to make it work. I hate trying to put together cute outfits in the morning or before my work events.

Lucky for me, I'm getting help for four weeks in a row at my Thursday night work event! The owner of The Closet Door, a boutique/store here in College Station, helped me piece together four outfits! Obviously I need to share them with you!

Two weeks have passed, so here's what I was wearing:

Week #1:
  • Turquoise off the shoulder tee by Michael Stars
  • White shorts from American Eagle [A couple years old]
  • Silver flip flops from Aeropostale [$10]
  • White sunglasses from Target [$10]

Week #2:
  • White/grey striped dress by Michael Stars
  • Pink/cork heels from Rack Room Shoes- $7 [All summer shoes are on sale ALL OVER the place right now! Get out and shop before they're all gone! There's still plenty of time to wear them!]
  • Added Wet n Wild pink lipstick for an extra color kick ;) -$.99

I'll be honest- Sometimes it's pretty fun to be a girl! I'm excited for the next two weeks! I'm definitely learning that having one piece that's not a super-bargain is okay, as long as I make up for it with the rest.

If you're in the BCS area, The Closet Door is on Harvey Road, right by The Tap, and across the street from my Party on the Patio location- Ozona! Come play every Thursday night at 6pm for 90s fun!


PS: Because I love my job and my Thursday nights, I think you should enjoy everything I make these people do when we play Simon Says, 90s style.

the challenge: rivals podcast- mike and leroy dish it out

Everyone anticipated this season of the Challenge, so I wonder how y'all are feelin' about it so far...?! Do tell!
In the meantime, I was able to rope our favorite Las Vegas boys in for a podcast about their progress, being the rookies of the season, and other things we don't get to see after the edits happened.

Plus, as usual, they didn't hold back on how they really felt about some things. When it comes to Wes, Leroy says " After seeing him on the show, I got some words for him." He also told me who he calls "Snowflake," and who cock-blocked him [and from who! ah!].

MikeMike talks about how he wasn't afraid of anyone, and even had the nerve to stand up to a certain monster on day one! I also had to get to the bottom of him and Miss Paula.

It's all things Rivals, and a little added drama thanks to Johnny Bananas suing Entourage. Find out what they think in the podcast below!

Woahdang! They need to stop teasing me before I end up at their houses ready to go! [JK, boys... don't worry.... kinda.....]

Thanks again to them! Still rooting for them to make it to the end; Fingers crossed I didn't jinx it!


PS: Check out ALL the "Beyond the Real World Cameras" podcasts by clicking here!

morning hangover 080311

Good morning and happy Simplify Your Life Week!

Tis all for now! Talk to ya soon!