Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ebFashion: i got help from a stylist!

I love looking through celeb's outfits and picking out what I like, what I want to recreate, and what works. I like shopping and going to get everything to make it work. I hate trying to put together cute outfits in the morning or before my work events.

Lucky for me, I'm getting help for four weeks in a row at my Thursday night work event! The owner of The Closet Door, a boutique/store here in College Station, helped me piece together four outfits! Obviously I need to share them with you!

Two weeks have passed, so here's what I was wearing:

Week #1:
  • Turquoise off the shoulder tee by Michael Stars
  • White shorts from American Eagle [A couple years old]
  • Silver flip flops from Aeropostale [$10]
  • White sunglasses from Target [$10]

Week #2:
  • White/grey striped dress by Michael Stars
  • Pink/cork heels from Rack Room Shoes- $7 [All summer shoes are on sale ALL OVER the place right now! Get out and shop before they're all gone! There's still plenty of time to wear them!]
  • Added Wet n Wild pink lipstick for an extra color kick ;) -$.99

I'll be honest- Sometimes it's pretty fun to be a girl! I'm excited for the next two weeks! I'm definitely learning that having one piece that's not a super-bargain is okay, as long as I make up for it with the rest.

If you're in the BCS area, The Closet Door is on Harvey Road, right by The Tap, and across the street from my Party on the Patio location- Ozona! Come play every Thursday night at 6pm for 90s fun!


PS: Because I love my job and my Thursday nights, I think you should enjoy everything I make these people do when we play Simon Says, 90s style.

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