Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the challenge: rivals podcast- mike and leroy dish it out

Everyone anticipated this season of the Challenge, so I wonder how y'all are feelin' about it so far...?! Do tell!
In the meantime, I was able to rope our favorite Las Vegas boys in for a podcast about their progress, being the rookies of the season, and other things we don't get to see after the edits happened.

Plus, as usual, they didn't hold back on how they really felt about some things. When it comes to Wes, Leroy says " After seeing him on the show, I got some words for him." He also told me who he calls "Snowflake," and who cock-blocked him [and from who! ah!].

MikeMike talks about how he wasn't afraid of anyone, and even had the nerve to stand up to a certain monster on day one! I also had to get to the bottom of him and Miss Paula.

It's all things Rivals, and a little added drama thanks to Johnny Bananas suing Entourage. Find out what they think in the podcast below!

Woahdang! They need to stop teasing me before I end up at their houses ready to go! [JK, boys... don't worry.... kinda.....]

Thanks again to them! Still rooting for them to make it to the end; Fingers crossed I didn't jinx it!


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