Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rise and shine 082509

Good morning, people! How was your Monday?! Only 4 more days until the weekend!.......

Let's get this day started with some interesting finds, shall we?

  • Are you a good or bad drunk? What can you do to be a good drunk? Find out here.
  • Random, but totally interesting: Cover songs that you never knew existed and maybe aren't half bad.
  • I love dogs, but I hate the little ones that look like rats. I think I shall use this page to help me choose I nice, big, fun-loving dog.
  • Speaking of dogs... Some people aren't happy with their poodles, so they think it's fun to make them look identical to other animals, such as pandas.
  • My new goal in life is to visit every one of these places: The weirdest hotel rooms in the world.
  • Do you follow the 5o funniest people on Twitter? Double check by looking at this list!
  • Why would someone ever create this advertisement? It's simply not okay.
  • Golden Ferrari?! Really?!
  • Fat people having to stand- No more! Subways are starting to get fat chairs now.
  • How not to get preggers: The Opera.

  • The laugh of the day: Piggy back from the mascot.. Which doesn't really have eyes.

  • Could this be Miley's new music video? It should be.. It's a lot more entertaining than whatever she may come up with, I bet.

  • Another laugh of the day: When you realize you are just not meant to bounce on a trampoline.

Alright that's it for this morning! I am headed back to Virginia today so blogging will resume as usual! Enjoy your day, loves!


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