Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the most douchey colleges in the nation

This is golden.

I never knew GQ Magazine did this, but I'm lovin' it right now!

They put out the 25 Douchiest Colleges, and it's pretty funny. I love how they kick it off:

...Picking the right school can be daunting. That's why GQ offers it's heavily researched, possibly stereotypey, but still quite accurate guide. [Hint: If you're an alum from an Ivy League school in Providence, RI, get ready to cancel your subscription.]

My favorite mention on the list:
#25: UVA. As much as I love the campus, I actually think it should have been higher. [Sorry to all of my friends who went/go there, but the stereotype hold true from what I can tell... You dress up for football games for God's sake.]

Check out the rest, though!

I love how they put "Home of the _____ douche." So great.

I must admit I was scared going through the list, but I shouldn't have been. After spending the weekend in Morgantown, I am 100% sure that we are not under any "douchey" category.


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Another David said...

Concerning Ohio State at #19... I don't deny that we should be up there, I was actually expecting it to be a little higher because of the over-hyped football two years in a row. I just don't know what they mean by "dressing for class each morning as if you were the offensive-line coach." If they mean putting on a suit and tie, no one outside of the business school does that. If they mean wearing a buckeyes hoodie to class or something, isn't that pretty standard? It sure seems like it is, at least in the Big 10.