Tuesday, August 25, 2009

watch: heidi montag does miss universe

I'm mad.

A GLOBAL BROADCAST that showcases some of the classiest [or should I say "classiest"?] women in the world gets to pick one or a couple performers for the show and who do they pick? HEIDI MONTAG/PRATT.

Yes. If you didn't already know [because I'm late to post this thanks to Morgantown, but it still needs to go up], Heidi performed at the Miss Universe Pageant. It was terrible, as you might imagine.

I love everything that they just said, but I've also seen people comparing her to Britney Spears on the VMA's when she wore her nude outfit.

WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? How is it even possible to compare the two?! Sure, BritBrit may have lip synced too, but at least she can dance and put on a good show. She's also famous for doing something with her life. Heidi-- Not so much.

Angryangryangry. Heidi Montag or Pratt or whatever you want to call yourself, you suck at life and you give the US a bad name. Just so you know.


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