Friday, September 28, 2012

danchiz's pinspired geek chic style

Time for another guest Pinspired post! You might remember [one of my favorite people] DanChiz from the MTV TJ competition. Now he's an amazing style blogger and still kicking social media ass. He also enjoys Pinterest fashion just as much as I do, and has mastered the art of copying an outfit with different items.


I think of my style as geek chic. I like to take classic men's looks and make them more fitted. I like a tight look rather than a loose feeling.

I took inspiration from a post on Pinterest (the left look) and recreated it my way. The post from Pinterest is all full price clothing that retails significantly higher than my recreation. I searched the likes of Gilt, Loehman's and Bluefly to recreate the look. I think I did pretty well!

As you notice, my look is significantly more fitted than the Pinterest post. I kept the same color scheme and even managed to find a tartan tie that resembled the one from the Pinterest look. The only thing I did not manage to directly recreate was the desert boots. Desert boots can be a little pricey and boat shoes don't kill the bank account so I decided to wear those in the look.

Think I faired well? Let me know!

You can find out more about my style on my blog,! And follow my Pinterest for my style inspiration!


How great is he?! Everyone really should have a pocket DanChiz to carry with them everywhere, but since society frowns upon shrinking and cloning people, make sure you follow him. It's the next best thing.

I'd love to feature someone every week! So speak up if you'd like to be featured! [You don't have to be a  fancy style blogger!]