Wednesday, September 2, 2009

no more twiggys!

[Clearly the UK is a way more interesting country with the amount of things I have been pulling from them lately.]

The UK did a study of some sort to find out what the ideal body types of women are when it comes to a woman's eyes and a man's eyes. It's really no surprise.. Women want to be smaller than what men want. It's all about comparison.

Keeping in mind that they're sizes are one bigger than ours [an 8 is actually a 6..], this is apparently the answer they came up with:

I will agree with the women's ideal on this, I think. As long as she's got some sort of shape when you look at her sideways, the flat tummy is totally desired.

Why does the size 12 look bigger than the 16 to me, though? Hmmm...

Let's take a love, elizabethany poll. We don't do it based on gender because that's annoying... We'll just take the overall average of desired size for a woman.

Use these as an example:

Jennifer Love Hewitt/Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus/Mel B

Kara DioGuardi/&/Bikini Girl

Audrina/Britney Spears

Kourtney Kardashian/Heidi Montag

I'm keeping my vote a secret until, and I bet you have no idea, but feel free to guess!



Sree said...

(you should label the pictures).

Anonymous said...

the girl in the pink bikini or the girl in the black bikini?

Anonymous said...

Okay, this survey was done in the UK? In the US I wear a size 8, but shopping in the UK I found that there I fit into a 12/ that changes things a bit. A British size 14 is about the same as a US size 8, therefore, a woman's ideal size, and consequently a man's ideally-sized woman, is smaller than what these results make it appear to be.