Tuesday, May 12, 2009

check it all out

The lack of internet in my home and Dooms Day being 5 days away [graduation] it's hard to update as usual.

Here are some things that are definitely worth your time, but not mine when it comes to blogging about it. [Just kidding, duh. I WISH I had the time, but I don't.]
  • Holy crap! I want to do a whole post on this! Megan Fox admits she's BISEXUAL! Let the fantasies begin, fellas. [ICYDK]
  • A man gave birth to his own twin... And no, I'm not kidding. [TheSun]
  • Jamie Lee Curtis wants to be like crazy Britney? [BunnyWithFangs]
  • Your husband kills you by taking off your head with a chainsaw. His excuse? "It was an accident." [WoodTV]
  • Lady GaGa does a pretty sweet version of PokerFace on Ellen... While looking like a planet-head.

  • The 1-millionth English word- Noob. [FOX5]
  • Paris Hilton is gross [Duh] and needs to fix her bathing suit before I vomit in my mouth. [Superficial]
  • Miss Rhode Island also has uber scandalous topless photos. It must be the new trend.
  • Miss Cali is keeping her crown, and we're checking out MORE topless pics of her.
  • Angelina Jolie is depressed and cutting herself on the set of her new movie. [BunnyWithFangs]
  • Teen drivers are about to be screwed. They might put tracking devices in their cars that alert important people when they're speeding or doing something wrong. [Freep]
Enjoy checking them all out, and feel free to leave me YOUR opinions!


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