Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tunes on tuesday 051209

Hello! Happy Tunes on Tuesday, my darlings! Lots of stuff for today!

Jordin Sparks--> Battlefield

Is this going to be the replacement for last summer's "No Air"? If it is, I will hate it in another month. For now, it's not terrible. It grows on ya.

Jennifer Lopez--> What is Love

J Lo is back!? Well, Jennifer Lopez, I guess. It doesn't live up to her old stuff by any means, but it's not a "Oh no this can't be her comeback single" either. It could definitely get some plays.

Rihanna ft. Lady GaGa--> Silly Boy

Oh boy... These two combining could definitely take over the radio in a heartbeat. This song is too T Pain microphone for me, though. [And yes, that's how I will always refer to that sound.] Why'd they have to use it the WHOLE time?! The lyrics are fun, and I'm sure it'll do well, but I have that pet peeve.

Taylor Swift--> You Belong With Me

Ugh... Could I be falling into the Taylor Swift trap?! I CAN'T! NO! HOLD BACK, BETH!! This is a cute video, cute song... But it's typical. So typical. And will be played on every radio station and probably be on the next Now CD.

Justin Beiber--> One Time

This kid is FIFTEEN!!!! So basically.. The next Jesse McCartney? He's even got the long, shaggy, dirty blonde hair. And oh yeah, he hangs out with Usher on the reg apparently. He's pretty freakin' good!

Colby O'Donis--> I Wanna Touch You

As much as I didn't like this guy in real life, I'm not going to hate on this song. The lyrics are a lil lame at parts, but overall, I can dig it.

Paul Wall ft. Webbie and Mouse--> Bizzy Body

Here's another song that's stupid, but is going to be all over the clubs, and people are going to LOVE IT when it's played. One question: What kinda names are Webbie and Mouse?!

David Rush ft. Pitbull and Kevin Rudolf--> Shooting Star [Party Rock Remix]

This song immediately got me bumpin, not even gonna lie. Am I conforming to something, or just in the mood to dance? Downloaded!

Evan Taubenfield--> Boy Meets Girl

This guy is the former lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne and I'm bothered by this song. He sounds like he's 12, the song sounds like it was written by someone 12, and... No. It's just awkward. I didn't listen to much of it, and I made up my mind before giving it much of a chance, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Alright, that's all for today! [Plus Dawn's song about Danity Kane from yesterday! Check it out!] Sorry country fans! I'll find some later!


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