Wednesday, July 22, 2015

poll: what should I do with my living room?

Decisions are my enemy, and you're my best friend... so I'm glad we have developed this fantastic relationship where you can help me decide REALLY EXTRA LIFE CHANGING decisions.... like which dining room table/chairs I should get. 

Every night for at least two months, I lay in my bed [during my only "me time"] and try to find the perfect set and I don't think "perfect" is going to happen in my budget. So here's what we're looking at. 

You know my living room is purple and turquoise, but my kitchen is green, and the dining room is inbetween. I've decided I definitely want a black table of some sort and green chairs, but I can't decide which shade or which height. This is where you come in. [I put a vase that is similar to one I just got so you can see how the colors will hopefully flow, along with other artwork etc.]

This is your typical dining height table [this one expands to get longer] with a really light "celery green" leather chair or a lime green microfiber one.

This is "counter height" which is really only a couple inches higher, but to me it seems cooler. Again, a cloth true-green option, and leather lighter option. 

In my head, the lighter colors would be an easier, more fun transition with colors, but now that I put these together I'm not sure if that's entirely true. Also, it's impossible to find a green chair with black legs. The C option is the only one I wouldn't have to paint to match the table. 

I'm trying to class up my apartment so which option do you think best does that? 

I know the tables are plain, but a girl's gotta save SOME kind of money! I figure the chairs make more of an impact... right or wrong?

Have I told you lately that I love you?


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