Wednesday, July 15, 2015

watch etv: mom learns to whip and nae nae, silento learns the white girl

By now you know how to Whip and Nae Nae [and in a couple weeks the song will disappear for a while until we're reminiscing]. He came into the studio one night to host the countdown with me and do some dancing.

Yes, of course we did the full dance together, but more importantly- I taught him how to do THE White Girl. [I should probably trademark that ish and come up with a song so I'm rich, bitch.]

[If no one on the Internet finds this funny, at least someone from his entourage who was filming did! Win.]

The face on his producer/friend on the left is priceless the entire time. That 16 year old is so not impressed with me.

Silento was awesome, by the way. Typical high school kid-hustler who said he knew this song was going to be a hit right away, even though everyone else in the room disagreed. He's also hella attractive, but I probably shouldn't say that in public since it'd be illegal.

Maybe they'd be impressed with Mama Plog, though. Each year we try to teach her a new dance [until one time she told me it felt like she was trying to achieve an O, which made me immediately run, cry, and hide for a couple years]. This year it was all about the "Watch Me" dance and a side of Stanky Leg.

[For the record, we could barely hear the music which is why I seem confused. Somehow it was loud enough on this here video.]

Now you know why it's so easy for me to get my White Girl on. Thanks, Mom. Your Stanky Leg is spot on.


PS She can't be mad at me for this... it's still nothing compared to Papa Plog's dance moves.

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