Tuesday, July 14, 2015

video/interview: max [schneider] stops in the studio

If you're a fanatic of YouTube covers like I am, you have definitely watched some from Kurt Hugo Schneider, which likely means you've seen MAX as well.

I was really pumped to have him in one Saturday morning. We had a super fun chat...

And he also performed his latest single "Gibberish." [Give it like 30 seconds to load... our stupid player is stupid slow. NOT mah bad.]

He's easily one of the best vocalists I've had in this here studio. SO good.

He also did his version of "See You Again," which I could post... but might as well just post his video for the best effect.


I'm also incredibly honored to have so much of this here promo video be from his visit with us. I may not be SHOWN in it, but I'm heard, starting around the 1:12 mark.

There's no pretending that having someone come in on a Saturday isn't a little difficult, but this was totally worth it. Dude is not only crazy talented but just so grounded and easy to talk to.

Here's to hoping he comes back more often!


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