Wednesday, July 1, 2015

subscription box review: RocksBox!

As I said when I tried the Bulu Box, I've been looking for new subscription services. RocksBox approached me and I immediately wanted to try it. 

Each month for $19, they send you three pieces of jewelry for you to wear as much as you want. When you're done with them, you can send them back, or you can purchase them forever. Then they send you new pieces!

My pieces were $30-40 each, which is more than I'd normally spend, but I should probably start investing in some good pieces. I actually picked two of these and put them on my "wish list," so a lot of times you're picking what you want, but you get a surprise too!

First piece: Slate Beyond the Horizon Necklace, $44

I've been changing my style quite a bit over the past couple months into something a bit more edgy, and this totally fit that. I wore it on my birthday night with this black crop top from Forever21, asymmetrical skirt from ASOS, and booties from Target. [I think the necklace is more than the combined outfit, but whatever!]

I also wore the second piece: Sophie Harper Pave X Ring, $38

The way it looks and fits is perfect. I was in love. It has tiny diamonds, and I was ready to drop the dough for this piece.... until I woke up the next morning with a green X on my finger from where the ring was. Not a good look, especially for that price. 

Finally, my favorite and most expensive piece: Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace. 

[lol I should be better about white balancing my photos before uploading. I ain't got time for that right now.]

How gorgeous is it?!? Plus it's really great for stacking if that's your thing. I'm really trying to convince myself to just wear it a bunch of times and then send it back, but this might become a permanent staple in my jewelry mirror. 

Wanna try it?!? They're letting all my besties try it for free for a month! Just use the code elizabethanyxoxo and you'll be shining beautiful too! FREE. MONTH. Seriously. It's a pretty neat thing, right?!

When you get it, tag me in your pics or send them to me! I wanna see what you get because I'm nosey, duh. 


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