Tuesday, April 14, 2015

i got a big girl living room

For the first time in literally a decade, I plan on hope to be living in the same place for more than a year. There's always the chance I could move to a new place, but that's not looking likely, so it's time to invest in some things to make my apartment a little more legit.

Step 1: The living room.

I've shown you some of my decorations, and now I've finally gotten my first ever big girl furniture pieces! Thanks to President's Day, I got a sleeper sofa and love seat combo at 50% off. [Let's be real... even if I wanna invest in things, I'm still gonna need a good deal.]

[I should probably straighten things out before taking pictures, huh?]

I also got that new rug. Because of Slutty Cat clawing at them, I felt like I needed to get a shag one. I wanted something with design but the comfort of this one makes it all worth it. My only issue is that I have no idea where the perfect placement is. After Pinteresting ideas, I realized I probably got the wrong size or may have to get creative. 

There are still a lot of little touches I want to do. What should I put on the coffee tables? I think I still want new curtains. My papasan chair needs to be painted. [I'm not grown enough to get rid of that, let's be real.] I probably need another source of light somewhere, too. 

I've had these colors since college, but most of the stuff is new at this point. I found this Pinspiration and I'm liking the idea of the peacock feathers... somehow. 

Your ideas always welcome! Slow and steady growth wins, right?! I think..


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