Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a week full of big announcements

What a month it's been... and especially this week.

Actually, for a long while I've been taking on a lot more responsibility behind the scenes at the station, adding new stations, and just trying to grow on the radio side of things after focusing for so long on social media/online stuff. It's been weird. I feel like I'm neglecting some parts of who I am that got me to where I am, but I am so excited for the new things I'm taking on.

If you missed it, I got a promotion to Music Director! What in the actual eff does that even mean? Is the typical reaction from everyone after a quick congrats. Weeellllllllll.... I'm in charge of all the music for the station! Scheduling it out, deciding what we play, working with record reps who are battling each other for our airtime... it's an interesting world and more challenging than the stuff that has come naturally in the past.
And yes... you can obviously expect way more Britney and a whole lot less *eh hem.* [They tell me I should stop talking about said person for professional purposes or something..]

I'm also very excited about another new adventure- my first country station! If you know me, you know my favorite music to listen to is country, and now people in FREAKING LAS VEGAS will get to hear my show every night from 6-midnight on 95.5 The Bull!

They're gonna let me be me and have all the fun and maybe I'll even venture out and pop my Vegas cherry soon. [That's kinda terrifying. I'm trying to live to see my 30th birthday.]

Somehow I've been able to convince all these people that even though I'm a hott mess of a person, they can trust me to be good at my job most of the time. I think the secret is to just make sure they know how hard you're trying. Also, don't sleep. Ever. Seriously. Sleep is for the REALLY bad hangover days. No wait. Even on those days you should just have some hair of the dog and get back out there. Hi squirrel.

Obviously the number one thing we can take away from all of this is that you should be listening to my show since it's obviously da bomb. [Here I go, getting cocky... this is what happens when your career hero posts nice things about you online.] There are plenty of options on iHeartRadio.. DC, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Hampton Roads, Atlanta, and now Vegas...

But seriously.... I can't thank everyone enough for all the love. That's the real reason I wanted to write this up. Liking all of your Facebook comments or responding to your tweets doesn't feel like enough. I can't tell you how much it means to still get support from people everywhere and to feel all the love. Especially when you're doing more than just liking my status.

Life is really good right now. Like.. I need to knock on wood before something terrible happens. It's been so long since I've felt happiness and hope and excitement and everything like this... since I've been surrounded by people that I truly think are my family without thinking that's some cheesy line. Please don't ever wake me up from it.



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Mike said...

I am not the least bit surprised, as you and I talked plenty of times from the days when you were in College Station, TX. Radio is like most careers, it is baby steps to get where you want, and you haven't hit 30 years old yet, which is the scary part.

Wendell aka flexx13 said...

First, you haven't been to Vegas? Oh I would love to experience Vegas with you! Second the success you have achieved in such a short time is testament to your hard work and determination. You are a impressive young woman and I expect even bigger things for you in your career. Third,it's a privilege to be your friend and I thank you for gracing the world with you talents.

Chris Morin said...

Congrats!! Enjoy the new title! Hard work always pays off in the end!