Tuesday, February 11, 2014

interview: eight questions with my bff's of karmin

Seeing as Amy and Nick from Karmin have been my favorite artists to hang with in the past [well, besides Trey Songz, of course.... yum.], I was SUPER pumped to get to talk to them again! Except this time was the first time I was actually sitting down with them and just chatting... not playing a game or doing a music video with them.

We didn't get to do it on camera, but I brought some spiffy audio equipment from 2002, we got real close, and talked about some fun things.

Some highlights: 
  • I asked what color my maid of honor dress needed to be.. turns out they've already had to cancel one wedding, and another one is not even being planned yet. 
  • They're in the middle of fixing up a house they bought from the inside out, thanks to their addiction to HGTV that I can totally relate to. 
  • Paul McCartney once "pimp slapped" Nick, and Brandy made Amy cry.
  • The moment they knew they were a thing was while joking about cheese at a college party.

Amy also told me my outfit was impeccable... which.. WOAH! Coming from her is pretty neat. Guess I'll need to post that soon.

I'm not sure why I keep doing boring smiles with these artists I interview... I need to quit that. Luckily I got a second chance with them.

I'm really excited that I'm going to be having more interview opportunities again. Most of them will be over the phone, but as you may know- my favorite part about my job is just interviewing people and asking questions.. whether they're famous or not. I still have a lot of practicing to do [and laughing to calm down with..], so I'm hoping the regular drop-by's and calls and co-hosts will put me on Ellen's level in no time! [or... a couple year's time...]


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