Thursday, December 6, 2012

watch: a merry hotmess music video from us and karmin!

I am SO excited to finally have this video done and able to share with you all! This week I've been all over Hampton Roads with my coworkers shooting this music video to get ready for our holiday show, Merry Hot Mess Fest, on Monday night!

We got silly, played with Santa, completely took over McDonald Garden Center, and even got Karmin to make an appearance in the video! [They sing the song we used and are headlining our show, after all...]

Can we talk about how lost Corey is throughout the whole video? The poor guy's awkwardly hilarious and he doesn't even mean to be!

I've been trying to make a fun group video like this for a while now, so I'm very glad we could make it happen for the holidays! Hopefully it was as fun and ridiculous to watch as it was to make!


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