Thursday, December 6, 2012

what ya wearin wednesday 120512

Oh hai Thursday. I like yesterday a little better because people send me their outfits and stuff on Wednesdays. So let's look at those.

@JaceBarrow did what I recommended and used International Ninja Day as his outfit inspo... with a "NINJA TIE!"

These two *anonymous* girls were headed to an ugly Christmas sweater party!

@KaciKruz looks adorbs embracing the warm weather of the south!

@RomulaLynn got fancy with her makeup for the Wiz Khalifa show!

@757ScentLover loves her "badass belt buckle" and boots, but IIII really enjoy her blazer!

Brandon kept it casual cool with a tee, chucks, and a beanie.

@Siarrahhh did what I'm always terrified to do- Mixed brown and black! But the skirt makes it work!

@BrookeOnHOT's striped sweater needs to get in my closet, and I love the simple pairing of the shoes/scarf.

And @Jennay_z looks adorbs rockin' her antlers in the office. YAY for fun holiday season and RED everywhere!

As for me, I used the "green" Wiz Khalifa is known for to inspire my outfit. I also find it necessary to wear black when going to a concert. [The station got us a "HOT Box" for his show!] My make-up was an awesome green/grey smokey eye with green liner on the bottom, but it's so hard to show in pictures!

-leather jacket from Target Black Friday for $15
-green shirt from Love Culture for $8 I think
-necklace from Forever21 $8
-jeans from F21 for $10
-black pumps from The Shoe Dept for $20
TOTAL: $61

When I say I look forward to this day every week, I mean it. I sometimes wake up on Tuesday hoping it's Wednesday, and not just because it's one day closer to the weekend!

Thanks to all that submitted! 


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