Thursday, December 6, 2012

gift guide: for the bacon lovers

I've talked about a lot of random bacon inspired items the past couple years [the most recent being bacon shaving cream, of course], and I'm still amazed with what I found today. Maybe it's because I'm #TeamSausage, but I don't totally get all of it. Still, I think they're hilarious and if someone you know loves bacon, here ya go!

Why have normal flavored frosting when it can taste like delicious bacon?! I can see this being delicious on cornbread muffins or different cakes, I won't lie. [$3.50!]

No need for a big ol' thing of Jelly Belly's when you can have an entire tin of bacon flavored goodness! [$6]

This also sounds delicious even to a non-bacon freak. Bacon flavored popcorn?! Wholesome breakfast. [$4]

This is also brilliant. Turn everything into bacon flavor! [$4.50]

THESE diddies are kinda neat, but even neater: You can get them in Fireball and hot sauce flavors too! [4 for $10]

This seems like a bad idea, but to each their own. If your lover loves bacon, it might be a genius idea. They'll wanna li-li-lick you all day long! Okay fine. It's genius. [$6]

I mean, sure... why NOT bacon toothpicks?! [$3]

While you're at it, might as well get some bacon floss. [$6]

And I figured while we were talking about ridiculous food items, I'd give you these options: 

Bachelorette party, sex toy party, random night where you feel like eating.. err, my mom's reading this. You get it. [$12.50]

And if you're really weird, these could be delicious. [$6.50]

Look at that! 10 things for under $10!! You're welcome my friends. And friends of my friends.


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