Monday, February 10, 2014

interview: catching up with tim halperin for his new album

If you've been a follower of me/my blog for a while, Tim Halperin is no stranger.

BUT... if you're a little new to these parts.. you might need to get to know the guy. [He did an awesome music video that went viral, then appeared on American Idol, was on my show a few times, partnered with Susan G Komen, and now just does really awesome things.]

Tomorrow he's releasing a new album and I couldn't be more pumped!

Unfortunately I haven't had a good catch-up with Tim for a while, so before I even hit record we talked about how both of us have been making big moves, the incredible loss of fellow radio guy and Tim's mentor Kidd Kraddick, and the importance of networking with people in the entertainment world. I love that I was able to consider Tim a friend from the day I met him, and it's exciting to see him grow and get more recognition throughout the world.

Once I started rolling, we still had a lot of fun! We talked about this video he released for his album "Heart Tells Your Head"...

We also talked about his silly "groupie/fangirl" moment with Ben Folds and the *interesting* things about Texas and leaving the gigantic state.

One of the most awesome things about Tim is he's always giving back. With this album, he's helping Kidd Kraddick's legacy live on and giving 15% of the album sales to Kidd's Kids. That's huge.

So whether you've followed his journey from the early stages or you're just finding out about him, give him a listen and definitely buy the album! This guy deserves so much success and recognition... even more than he's already worked his ass off to get.


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