Thursday, August 8, 2013

watch: radio peeps from all over remember kidd kraddick

When Kidd Kraddick passed away a couple weeks ago, it was interesting to see how it affected the entire world. It was inspiring to see how it affected everyone. Listeners, celebrities, his competition, and radio "peeps" from all over were feeling the pain.

Personally, I was obsessed with listening and watching to a bunch of his old segments and reading all the tributes. It also put a spark in me to put more effort into my show and what I'm doing every day. I've been given a voice and a platform, and I should use it for good as much as possible.

A lot of people in radio felt that way. Our tweets were different. Our shows were a little different... we are all different. My friend Jay Sparxx, who broadcasts down in Charlotte, decided to get us all together on one video to talk about how we had been changed/affected, and what Kidd meant to our lives.

From Virginia Beach to DUBLIN, check out the tribute:

It really makes you think about how you'll be remembered when you leave. It also makes me wanna come up with a better sign-off than "you're welcome." Hmmm.....

My heart still hurts for the entire show, his listeners, and especially Tim. I'm also very thankful to know Tim [once again] because everything that I know about Kidd beyond his show is because of him telling me stories and all the ways he helped him. Thanks again, Tim.


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