Thursday, August 8, 2013

watch: interview and exclusive performance with cody simpson

Keeping up with our fun-filled week at work, Cody Simpson did a performance for the re-opening of one of our malls and Tax Free Weekend.

If you don't know Cody Simpson [even though this is the third time I've talked to him], he's a 16 year old heartthrob for teen girls. So imagine hundreds of them packed into a mall corridor, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Luckily I have a volume control when editing video, huh?! Make sure you stay tuned for the stampede at the end.

I think I did a pretty good job at capturing how insane it all was. Even Cody was pretty shocked/blown away/deaf after hearing them scream when he took the stage. And seriously... it was at least a hundred of them that chased him out of the mall, and some that ran after the car.

We also got a few minutes to talk to him in the back. Since we've done a couple interviews before, we didn't ask much... but it's interesting to see what he picks as memorable ways his fans have tried to win tickets.

Think I'll get attacked for laughing at his wallpaper?

He was a little different than the other two times we've met up with him, but I'm sure it's just cuz he's touring with bad boy Justin Bieber exhausted from touring and "being on" non-stop.

I wanna say that I would have never acted like any of that if I had seen NSYNC back in the day... but I don't think I would have ever even dreamt of getting such an opportunity, so it's tough to say. Fans have such awesome access to their fave celebs these days.

It was one of those days I'm going to look back on when I'm old and be like "my job was so freakin' cool," cuz it is. It's awesome to see people come out and give so much support for anything, and to say hi to us. It's awesome to be able to make so many people happy.


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