Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the extreme bullying tweets i got today

If you don't follow me on Twitter or if you were somehow able to miss all of the tweets, you should know I was straight up attacked ALL DAMN DAY.

Why? Because when one of the Emblem3 dudes said his #1 wish was to end suffering, I said "Okay Miss America." Ya know, a joke. Those things I'm normally not so good or quick with.

Three words sparked all of these tweets/posts, and a ton more I've heard about on tumblr, Instagram, etc that I don't care to find.

I don't even need to go into the irony/hypocrisy of their words and actions... you're my friend, you get it. I also shouldn't have to explain that I never go into an interview with the purpose of insulting someone.

I'm not posting these for people to feel bad for me or to think my day was awful, because that's not true at all. I'm lucky to have figured out a way to deal with people saying mean things my whole life, and now it mostly entertains me. This morning was hysterical.

When I realized that this is what other people have to go through, though.... it started to bother me. Not everyone is as fortunate to be able to have thick skin and brush it off. I've always said kids need to just toughen up and deal with it like we all did.. but now I realize bullying is on a whole different level than it ever used to be for us.

These kids are hiding behind computer screens, reading what other mean people are saying, and just multiplying it! They probably have parents who have no idea how awful their child is, and might not even care. They're telling complete strangers to kill themselves, not knowing how serious that person might take it. It's scary.

So as I said on air tonight: Live your life so that you'll be proud of yourself in five or ten years. If you're being really mean to real people, that's not cool, bro.



Mike said...

Well stated, bullying now is different than 20 years ago. The people that were going off on you think they "know" you from your radio personality and don't know you in real life. There are too many judgmental people in the world, and it is sad.

Unknown said...

Some of those tweets aren't even that bad. And I said some (because some of the ones you received were rude). Anyway, you should have been the bigger person and ignored these "children" instead of feeding on to them. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't you insulted Emblem3's fans with your entry? If it was no big deal and just harmless fun, you should have just apologized for offending people because some were offended by you. No, I don't pity you because you won't leave this alone and apparently you thinking about this keeps you up at night. Just let it go. You are just as immature as those angry fans that sent you hate.

TiffanyR. said...

Haters gonna hate no matter what. It just means you're successful! They need to relax. I might be missing something tho, who is Emblem? I don't even know who that is and it has sparked such a response. Like crazy fanatics or something. Keep on being you girl! You are showing young people how to face bullies head on and not let them have the control. To me, thats #inspiring.