Wednesday, August 7, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 080713

It's been a beyond crazy day, so the fact that we were able to even get a decent post for WYWW today makes me very happy.

@ksnedegar said she looked like an Easter egg, but I don't think so! I love the color combo and the perfectly matching bracelet [that I assume was the inspiration.. maybe.]

@alex_bubblyonabudget is so good at looking comfortable and fancy. And that messy hair is hott!

@llllinds joins in on WYWW all the way from Venice! In a fantastic skirt!

@bhyphen was lookin' all dapper in two plaid patterns! Nothin wrong with a dude in pink!

Shark Week nails on @meaganelff anyone?! YES!

@dubwalston always be lookin' so good in his med school outfit.

My favorite color combo [besides anything neon, of course] on @barelyaware! Thoroughly enjoying those flats!

@melmoraes put together an outfit from all my favorite stores, and rocked a new ombre hairstyle!


@johndern lookin' good, comfy, and even snazzy with that watch!

@alorabuzz is SO good with peplum! And capris. And all outfits in general.

I wish I had a better picture of @mzzrschmod. Her outfit was really great, but her hair and hat were even more perfect.

Since the nights have been colder here, a jean vest/scarf combo over a skirt are perfect, as modeled by @czyk_shan.

I decided to go with an outfit that would be great for a night after spending the day at the pool/beach. Keep your top on, throw chambray and shorts over top... then smack on some bright lipstick and some comfy heels/wedges/sandals. [I changed into my plaid boat shoes later, which I think I like better.]
-chambray shirt from Target $14
-shorts from Kohl's $5
-bathing suit top from Victoria's Secret $10ish last year
-heels from Shoe Dept. $7 [similar but cuter]

If I missed you, let me know! The craziness may have made me miss your tweets or pictures!

Again, feel free to follow each other or ask for more details about the outfits! Thanks again for supporting/joining in! It always means a lot, but especially today.


PS: It's been a while since I've had a guest Pinspired post. If you're interested, just holler!

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