Wednesday, August 7, 2013

check out lauren conrad's august collection at kohls!

OMG WHAT. Are we going to get new clothes at Kohl's every month now?! My credit card is going to be so pissed. [Or happy, I guess... since it's going to rack up some interest.]

Here's a peek at what's new this month.

Those shoes!! 

I'm so okay with the polka dot thing continuing on.

First of all: her hair. Second: I need this dress for a wedding.

These shoes, too! 

I also found these pieces of jewelry that I'm putting on my sugar daddy's "to do" list. 

As much as I'm disliking her bangs, I wish I hadn't seen all of these peeks. I've been doing so good and haven't shopped at all this week! That might change now.