Friday, August 20, 2010

tim halperin performs in studio

I've been pretty pumped and tweeting about this for a few weeks, but finally the day came! Remember the AWESOME one take music video I posted a couple weeks ago?! The singer is Tim Halperin, he's living in Dallas/Fort Worth, and does shows in College Station! AWESOME!

He's doing a sorority tour right now [mmhmmmm] and was in College Station last night, so he stopped by for an in-studio interview and performance!

What's really awesome: He's been featured on Real World New Orleans TWICE! He got an email that he'd be featured and then probably had all the same feelings I did when he saw his name on the TV for the first time. [But I'll let him tell you that story in the podcasts below.]

Seriously, I think I'm about to become obsessed with him. He's an amazing singer and totally cool! He even told me I was "," not once, but twice.

DEFINITELY take a listen to the podcast interview [I call him a slut and find out what it takes to make a viral video] and watch the video of his performance [which included a freakin' AWESOME "Party in the USA" cover!]. You might fall in love too. I also turned his songs into podcasts for your listening pleasure, but you have to subscribe for those.

And here are some fabulous pictures courtesy of P$, my fellow Web Winger here.

Thanks again to my new BFF Tim and everyone be sure to check out his goodies and follow him on Twitter! He's one to watch, trust me on that.


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