Wednesday, February 12, 2014

weekend outfits: impeccably red

Have you listened to my super fun interview with Karmin yet? I love it... but also... I still love that she said my outfit was "impeccable." Here's what I wore:

Very simple, really... 
-purplish-maroonish leather jacket from Target $15
-chiffon white tank from H&M- $5
-military green jeans from Charlotte Russe $15
-lace up boots from JustFab [ugh] $40
-silver and black necklace from Old Navy- $2

I really like the way the green and color of the jacket go... a contrast that seems to match.

And on Saturday, got a little Pinspired by this: 

-red cardi from Charlotte Russe $15
-striped skirt from Forever21 $6
-fleece-lined leggings from Rue21 $6
-black booties from F21 $12
-old white scarf and red lipstick from ipsy

I like it when basics come together for something more. I'm still not positive I love the Saturday outfit, but it was fun for the night and made me feel confident, which no other outfit did at the time.


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