Thursday, March 1, 2012

watch: karmin in studio- we played "guess that song!"

Amy and Nick, AKA Karmin, came in the HOT studio yesterday morning promoting their upcoming album! In an attempt to always stay memorable and different from other radio stations, I came up with the idea of playing a charades style game where they play covers of songs and we guess what it is!

It was SO fun, intense, and awesome to hear them play so many songs! They also played their own songs and their version of "Look At Me Now." Watch!

How fun is that/are they?! Gah. I love them. They were exactly as I'd imagined and hoped. VERY humble, thankful, fun, and hella talented. Her voice is incredible. I hope they let her keep her swagger in the album and don't "popify" it too much!

Here are some quick pictures, too... We TOTALLY Legbombed it! [The Angelina inspired pose, duh!] Nick was SO INTENSE WITH IT.

We have someone else real exciting coming into the studio within two weeks. Can't wait to share the news and have it happen! EEP!


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