Monday, July 29, 2013

what i wore this week 072613

Normally plan on putting these up on Mondays, but I've been hella busy, so you're going to forgive me. 

Now that I'm forgiven, here's what I put on my bod this week. 


This tank is one of my go-to's this summer. It cost me under $10, and I've probably worn it almost 10 times. It's perfect for over bathing suits, with jeans, with colored pants... anything. It's also the best thing I own for really hot days.
-tank: $8 from F21
-purple jeans from F21 $15
-neon bandeau from H&M $4
-neon sandals from F21 $9


Out of my normal-zone with booties in the summer, and I don't hate it!
-booties from F21 $10
-high-waisted shorts from F21 [I should really shop elsewhere...] $9
-totally forget where the necklace is from... forgive me.


I did a mix of beachy and more dressy that I think worked out! Normally I'd never pair my pinstripe shorts with such a chill, summery tank... but they matched so well! I also added some fun, bright colors to my make-up.
-tank from Express $13
-shorts from F21 years ago
-silver flops from Aeropostale $2
-earrings from Charlotte Russe $1.50

[because I never really got dressed on Friday]

I had another country concert but thought I'd be sitting in the lawn, so cut-offs were obviously a must!
-tank from Papaya years ago
-jorts from Kohl's 
-boots were an amazing gift
-gold dangling earrrings from

And just for fun, these precious moments that happened after taking pictures one day. [Slutty hates cuddling nowadays... luckily Nugget absolutely loves it for the five minutes he's not being a psycho.]

[He gives me real kisses every time I make the kissy noise. It's the best.]

YAY for getting dressed and wearing my clothes! Boo for having more laundry to do.


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