Tuesday, July 30, 2013

on the racks: ruthie camden is proving she's all grown up again in maxim

Ruthie Camden, AKA Mackenzie Rosman, really likes to prove that she's grown up. That's fine, cuz she's mostly hott, but I wish the girl would do something great with her life beyond trash things that just get people talking. [See: Ghost Shark, coming soon to Syfy.]

Oh well. Let's look at her bod in Maxim.

 And here are some pics she posted: 

I'm underwhelmed. She's cute, but...meh. I was more shocked/impressed when we found these pictures four years ago. BUT, if you want more, holler at the September issue of Maxim.

FYI: 7th Heaven only stopped airing five years ago. Also: Miss Mackenzie is now 23 years old. Woah. 


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