Thursday, July 25, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 072413

It was National Tequila Day, so it seems people were dressed up for the occasion!

Okay, probably just me, but lotsa people lookin' gooddd!

Summer dresses are my favorite! @Katiecakes26 made a cute, easy outfit with great accessories!

@bhensleyy spiffed up a generic outfit with the tie-vest [is that what you would call it?]! She also has great things in the background. 

How shiny-fab is @emazeing1's outfit?! I love that it adds so much fun to a neutral palate. 

@BrookeRadio's outfit is really sleek and season-versatile, but her nails are fun and like "candy corn!" I love both. 

@barelyaware's office had a "Hawaiian" themed day, so her dress and flower is perfect! The pink cardigan adds even more fun color.

@ksnedegar is also in that office, so how perfect is her skirt for the occasion?! Love the contrast with her necklace/shirt too!

So excited @mollskat is joining in on WYWW now! Her make-up is always gorgeous.

As if the kitten that @KaciKruz's coworker found on the side of the road isn't cute enough, she had to go and where a fantastic outfit! I never think about wearing my leather skirt in the summer, but she makes it look good with the light white shirt and white pumps! [Imagine if they were neon yellow... I'd be obsessed.]

@christinamgreer looks perfect for a day out with her rolled jeans, wedges, and fabulous bag. 

Oh dang, girl! @amsnedegar is making us feel bad for not working out and showing our guns off.

@brit_brat07 was workin sexy-business look. I need some Mary Janes. 

LOVE the combination of pretty lace/pretty flowers on @melmoraes! It reminds me of like a modern vintage or something.

@cadyeimer and her friend were ready to go out in bodycon dresses! I love the shape that Cady's black dress gives.

Yay for lace overlay top on @mleenvb!

I love the color combo/contrast on @ClaireScatter! Statement necklaces totally take any outfit up a notch.

@cjmac8 graduated from the academy and looked good while doing it!

@meeshkatz's skirt is one of those things I feel like I need to find and buy ASAP.

Who said dudes can't wear purple?! @mimllr wears it well, but he probably shouldn't do the whole gun point thing.... 

Obsessed is really the only word for @kcessna's nails.

Since I was going out to celebrate National Tequila Day, I thought this dress was fitting for some reason.

Dresses in the summer are just so easy! It took me a solid 3 minutes to get ready. 
-dress from F21 years ago, about $13 [similar]
-shoes from Rue 21 $10
-earrings from $1

Ya know what I noticed this week? A lot of people are putting outfits together that are way more detailed or fashionable than they did the first time they submitted. Maybe it's the ease of summertime, or maybe it's all of us helping each other out... or maybe I'm just being a bitch, I don't know. 

Either way, good week! YAY!


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