Monday, July 29, 2013

watch: lil mama fills in for left-eye during tlc performance

The Mixtape Festival was this weekend, and just as it did last year, it brought back some people from the 90s to perform!

TLC was one of them, obviously missing their "L."

With the movie about their life coming to VH1 later this year, which stars Lil Mama as Left-Eye, the girls invited her to join them on stage.

Unfortunately she didn't rap [or maybe that's a good thing to some of you], but she did werk her little booty off. DANG GURL.

I mean, their performance had everything it used to have besides Left-Eye. Matching outfits, Chili's abs, arm jewelry... and T-Boz just added a little something special- poundage.

Good job, ladies!


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