Tuesday, April 23, 2013

nifty: lingerie you control with your phone

You've seen it in movies and probably thought about it in your head as "the best invention ever," but now it's real life. Someone beat you to it.

Durex is introducing FUNdawear! It's perfect for long distance couples and ass**** couples alike. [Like if you wanna be a D and mess with your lady/man while they're in class or something...]

That video is mostly awkward, but I can see how this would be really great. Thankfully the bra and boxer briefs are attractive, too! Now we just need to work on those boy shorts....

Here's how it all works:

As someone who's been in a couple too many long distance relationships, I'll admit that I think this would be pretty fun to have. Even if it's not the most sexually healing device, it'd be hella fun to try. And funny.

Would you try it?

Right now it's only being experimented in Australia which is stupid. They're even hooking people up with 5-star hotels and dolla dolla bills just to give it a whirl.


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