Tuesday, April 23, 2013

watch etv: i tried out for the circus!

Rule #1 in life: Make lots of friends.
Rule #2: Make sure those friends can give you awesome things are worth it.

I got a call from my friend and fellow ex-FOX5 intern last week when she was in town traveling with the circus! Turns out she's pretty high up on their ranks [she's in charge of PR!] and was able to set me up with four different "events" of sorts from the circus for a little try out!

They set everything up for me bright and early Friday morning, gave me wardrobe options, taught me some things, and let me have at it! I'll be honest- some of my failures are a little embarrassing.

I swear I used to be am a better dancer than that....

It was seriously a blasty blast! BUT! I think my favorite parts were learning more about "#CircusLife," as the clowns and many workers said many times.

First of all- They really do travel by train. A mile long train with the elephants and horses towards the front of it, to be exact. Here's Alicia and I standing by the car she lives in.

When you walk into one of them, be careful of claustrophobia. This is the hallway of about four or five living quarters.

Then there's a hierarchy of sorts for room sizes and performers. Some have bathrooms, some have kitchens, some have both, and some have neither. Some also have two people to a very small space. By "very small," I mean about the size of 1/4 the average dorm room.

Alicia is totally going to kill me for posting this because I told her it was just to show friends, but I changed my mind. I want you guys to experience what I got to see! This is her room, which is one of the "medium-bigger ones."

I honestly can't imagine living in there for two years like they all are, but I also can't imagine being able to tell everyone I literally ran away with the circus. That's an opportunity you have to take when given!

Millions of questions were asked, and I learned so much, but if you want to know anything about the circus life, just tweet me!

And if the Ringling Bros "Built to Amaze" circus is coming to your town this year, you need to go see it. Look out for "Shorty" the poodle. He was the star of the show and my absolute favorite.


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