Friday, March 8, 2013

watch etv: lil nugget watching himself is the cutest thing ever

So how much cuteness can you handle at one time?! You're gonna need to brace yourself, because Lil Nugget is stepping his cute game up.

He finally figured out how to go up and down the stairs today, and then turned it into his own little game/jungle gym. I thought that video was cute, until I noticed him watching it once I was done editing...

"Mom! Where'd that cute little guy go?! I WANNA WATCH HIM SOME MORE! MAKE IT COME BACK!!! CMON HOW DO I DO IT!!!!"

That's what he was saying at the end. If you listen carefully, you can hear a bunch of dings because he was hitting a bunch of buttons on my keyboard.

This little guy is smart. And he's gonna get himself into trouubbble! When it comes to Slutty, she still hates him, but he doesn't seem to care. He thinks he's bigger. Those GIFs will be posted on Monday.


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