Friday, March 8, 2013

watch etv: i did the station's "hot scoop" for this week

The station is doing a new thangg where we each take turns "reporting" what's going on each week and send it out to all the listeners.

This week was my first week! All the happenings, give-aways, and me being an overly excited dork:

That's one hell of a screenshot for the thumbnail, eh?! I need to better control my hand and arm movements if I ever plan on being on TV.

I'm excited about this idea, and I'm also excited that I'm not in charge of editing it every week [even though I really do love video editing]. If you sign up for our HOT E-Club on our website, you'll get them sent to you!

Now it's time to prepare for the week full of drinking I face ahead of me.


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