Wednesday, March 6, 2013

meet my new little nugget!

I've been saying that Slutty Cat needed a friend ever since I moved to Texas, and now we finally got her one! Meet Lil Nugget!

IIII KNOW! He's perfect. I've always wanted a little ginger cat. 

When we picked him out, I figured Slutty would go back into mommy mode and take care of him because he's only 6 weeks old. I thought she'd love him and be besties and probably try to hump him when he got bigger [in more ways than one]. *And yes, they're allowed to hump. They're not blood related!*

All of my visions were so wrong. All she's done is watch him like a hawk and hate his guts. 

Hopefully one day they'll be friends. Until then, allow me to show you the many faces of Nugget. [FYI he doesn't have an official name yet, but Charlie, Bailey, and Kirby are up for grabs right now. Feel free to vote!]

This is my "I'm photogenic and adorable so take more pics, please!" face.

This is my glamour shot.

This is me practicing my senior portrait.

*Tell me it's real, this feeling that we feel!*

 Watch me go! I'm awesome!


 RAWWRR I'm Simba!

This is my "I know I'm cute, Mom... but I'm trying to sleep so please stop taking pictures" face.

Yoga kitty!

Hey look! I can tweet too! 

And of course, two gingers debating who has less of a soul. Obviously that'd be Corey. There's way too much cuteness in Nugget to not have a soul.

This begins another journey of a cat's life on my blog. But before you call me a crazy cat lady, you shut your mouth and... yeah. Just shut your mouth.

Also, if you've never read Slutty Cat's story and background, you need to. It's freakin' ridiculous. [It's backwards, so make sure you scroll down first.]


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