Tuesday, March 5, 2013

watch: justin timberlake, ryan gosling, and jc chasez sing "cry for you"

In case you've been all MIA or something, every night at 7:00 I play an old school song and accompany it with some fascinating info from the 90s.

Today's share: This video of JT, JC, and RGos [AKA the Mickey Mouse Club] singing a song about crying for you.

Goodness there are so many things wrong with this video, which I guess makes it so right.

  • Those OUTFITS! They look like a 60 year old gospel group or something. 
  • They're singing about crying for me. I didn't listen to all the lyrics, but if any dude cries for me, I normally don't find it that hott.
  • Ryan Gosling's singing voice. I'm glad you discovered more acting, boo. 
  • The token black guy. At first I thought it was perfect and that more boy bands should have jumped on that idea, but I was lying to myself. He's on a different level than the whiteys. 
  • And of course, Justin's hair... but we've been over that. 
I wonder if they could bring back a Mickey Mouse Club and make it work nowadays like some other 90s stuff....

....who am I kidding. All of Disney Channel's shows are individual MMC's. 


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