Thursday, February 28, 2013

nifty: life-size gummy versions of yourself

Once again, Japan is proving that they're THE COOLEST COUNTRY EVER!

To celebrate "White Day," which is kinda like Valentine's Day, one company is making life-size gummy versions of people. LIFE-SIZED, GUMMY, YOU!

I'm not saying we should ever eat that much gummy substance, but like.... Just IMAGINE being able to take a bite out of yourself!
Okay, maybe that's a little creepy.

Did I mention it only costs $65?! And a little time standing in front of a camera.

 Just imagine your honey unwrapping this beast of a candy. You'd win any gift giving contest for the rest of your life.

Seriously. I've had enough of all this teasing. It's time to move to Japan. Surely they have some kinda American/English radio there........ WHO'S WITH ME?!


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