Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 022713

Oh hi! Happy Wednesday! Let's see all the sexy!

No joke, all I wanted was a pair of green jeans this morning, then @melmoraes had to go and wear this cute outfit. Now I gotta go shopping.

My little bro @Ploger finally decided to jump in on the action in his fancy suit on the set of WVU News!

@KaciKruz wore a red dress with those fabulous Target heels to a fashion show! Good choice. The dudes love a lady in red. 

@aarronjustin lookin good in a plaid and v-neck! [PS he was totally an extra on Nashville last week which made me geek out. Whatevs. I'm so proud of the people I know!]

@Song_of_adam was rockin the Levi's and red kicks. I enjoy.

I also enjoy @danchiz's striped socks showing. Not many people can pull it off correctly.

@epbsgirl was reppin' her old team!

I love @amsnedegar's dress and cardigan combo! Simple and cute!

Once again, I'm jealous I don't have more stripes. This time thanks to @eewerner

@toribabyy14's fluorescent pants are fantastic! They're toned down with the shoes, but I love em most with the jean jacket. 

@RomulaLynn was breaking in some fabulous new shoes before her vacation

@trudee757 rocked a hoodie, but her friend was in full-out Woody mode!

@katiecakes26's dress is pretty and comfortable!

@Lopezricky75 had sweats, a tshirt, sandals... and a $300 hat apparently.

Totally obsessed with @krystinaborgo's skirt and shoes!

@Abaker1804's red skirt and clearance outfit is an all-around win!

@dcolells's all black is so great with the studs and cardigan additions.

Love @ksnedegar's butterfly sleeves and colored trousers!

Beyond impressed with @misterignacio's suit and tie ensemble today!

@ddryan got talked into jumping on the WYWW bandwagon with his button down! Yay!

Every time I look at @barelyaware's flats I fall more in love. Great match with her necklace.

A simple white top and boots is super cute on @BrookeOnHOT, and why I love fall/winter fashion.

And @frocks4life's neon/lots of jewelry combo will be my inspiration this weekend or next week. 

After getting super pissed that I couldn't find my dark purple jeans for the outfit I planned in my head, I threw this together.

-navy t-shirt material cardigan from Love Culture $6
-jeans from F21 $10
-flats [looking a bit beat up, but I swear not as bad as this pic] from Charming Charlie $5
-scarf from ?? H&M maybe. No more than $5

I want you all to know that if you ever want to send me multiple pics to post, you totally can! If you didn't already know, I try to post a bunch of these to Pinterest for you to share/save, and the non-collage pics actually work better! So don't be afraid to bombard my timeline, or keep it in collage form if you prefer that!

No matter how you get em to me, know that I love ya for it! Until next week!-



Panty Buns said...

I love the pink colour of your Forever 21 jeans! Great buy.

Embroidery&Sewing said...

I skirt and shoes especially the designs on the skirt.