Thursday, August 16, 2012

pinspired outfit week: pink jeans and stripes

After my Olympics-themed outfits challenge, I decided I wanna start giving myself more challenges. It makes it so I actually put myself together on a daily basis, plus it's fun!

So for the next 10 days, I'm doing nothing but Pinterest-inspired [pinspired! neat!] outfits. I've pinned so many to my board, but rarely get dressed/use the inspiration. Not anymore, folks! [Yeah, I just called you a folk.. get over it.]

Day #1: Pink jeans and stripes... and some b-e-a-utiful pinspirations, too!
[Original pins on the left, of course!]

The colors are a little different, but so is the price! The original outfit was $297. I spent $5 on the tank and $13 on the jeans from Forever 21, and $8 on the sandals from GoJane. Add in the earrings for $2 compared to their necklace for over $9000, and I'd say I got a deal!

Double eyeliner! I used blue stila eyeliner that I got from Birchbox, and LA Splash liquid liner in "Dead Sea" for $6. If it wasn't summer and I wasn't lazy, I probably would have used some eye shadow, too.

I didn't do different colors, but I did try the colored tips using tape. I never pretend to be great at this stuff, so don't expect those nails to look perfect. Especially considering I don't have the patience to do these fun nail polish tricks that I love. It IS pretty easy to do without perfection and with a little patience for layers to dry, though!

I know, I know... I need to take better pictures. Silly me forgot to charge my camera before heading to the station, so I had no choice but to take awkward pictures of myself in the bathroom.

BUT... super simple outfit, super cheap, and I'll totally wear this combo again.


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