Monday, August 6, 2012

my week of red, white, and blue outfits

As you've probably definitely been able to tell, my life is revolving around the Olympics now. Because of my excitement, I challenged myself to a week's worth of AMERICA outfits!

This is difficult for two reasons: I wasn't sure how much red, white, and blue I truly had, but more importantly: I never really get dressed these days. [No one is in the building when I am, so who do I have to impress?! A whole lot of computer screens? No thanks.]

I did it, though! Well, 6 days worth. Sunday was spent in the ocean, so... my 'Merica suit was on, and that's about it.

I apologize in advance for the awful quality of the pics. I need a fancydancy camera for posts like these, but homegirl is poor.

White lace tank from Ross [$4], red shorts from Forever21 [I think $10 last year?], sock bun with blue ribbon, white sandals. 

My "trashy 'Merica shirt" from Forever21 [$10], ripped jeans from Charlotte Russe [$20], white Keds sneaks that you can't see. 

Blue racerback-lace tank [wish I had taken a picture of the back! from Forever 21 clearance- $6], white jeans from Wet Seal [$15], red and cork heels from Rue21 clearance [$4], $1 red earrings from some cheapo store in the mall, and curly hair! My friends were in town from NoVA, so it was obviously a special occasion.


[I can't believe I just posted a picture of my feet. GROSS.]
Simple and comfortable day- Blue dress from Forever 21 [$8], red polka dot flats from Wet Seal [$1] and an old white necklace.

I had an event at Ocean Breeze Waterpark, so I went with a pretty see-through linen shirt from Old Navy clearance [$10], jean skirt from Forever21 [$10], and red, white and blue bathing suit top from Wal-Mart [$12]. 

Chambray tank from Kohl's I think [~$15], red shorts from Forever21 [$10], white sandals from [$8]. 

They're not the most extravagant or full-of-effort outfits, but I'm not mad about them! Plus, for EVERYTHING I wore, it was a total of less than $150! Not bad for a week's worth of getting dressed, eh?

I should challenge myself to themed fashion weeks more often. It actually makes picking out clothes easier and helps me feel like less of a slob.


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