Friday, August 17, 2012

watch: 98 degrees reunites on the today show

OMGGGG THE DAY HAS COME! 98 Degrees reunited on The Today Show and it was even better than I imagined/hoped it would be!

They look just as hott [I really don't know that they aged much at all], sing almost just as well, and are still rockin' the same old moves.

OH!! And, Nick Lachey announced they'll probably be going on tour AND working in the studio on a new album! Hott damn, life is good right about now.

Here's everything you need to see:

Watch for the tongue woman at 1:50 in that one.

Goodness. I was seriously smiling the entire time. THEY looked like they were having so much fun, and I have missed Nick Lachey's voice WAY too much. [I totally still remember every word of every song of his SOLO albums!]

Fans of the "new school" boy bands... THIS is a real boy band. Silly choreography, matching outfits, one ugly duckling among extreme hotties. Yummalicious.

Welcome back, men!


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