Friday, August 17, 2012

beyond the real world cameras: blue and blacked out with robb

I told you I wanted you to pick who I talked to after this week's episode, you did, and now I'm delivering the goods to you!

It was only right [/necessary] that I talk to Robb. Why in the hayll did he do that to his face?! and HOW?! and is he doing it anymore?!

I asked him all of that, and some about how Marie really treated him and the split personalities we're starting to see in Laura. Clearly there could have been some little ginger babies running around the house if there was just one thing missing from the way this cast was set up. You'll hear all about it....

When he said it shouldn't be laughed about, I totally felt like an a-hole for doing it so many times... He's right- it is a serious matter... I guess I'm just so shocked that it all happened that my awkward self thinks it's funny. Plus- if he really has gotten it under control, we might as well laugh about the past, right?

We'll vote again for next episode on Wednesday! In the meantime, catch up on all the others if you need to or let me know what your thoughts on everything are!


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