Friday, August 17, 2012

pinspired outfit week: grey jeans and lace

I've had this pair of grey jeans for a couple years now, but I'd be surprised if I've worn them even 5 times. I never know what to do with them besides the whole black/grey/white combination!

Hey, thanks Pinterest! Now I know it's super easy to brighten these suckers up and even wear them in the summertime!

This pinspiration was from Anthropologie, and even though the exact pants aren't available anymore, similar ones are $198. No thank you. I did it all for under $50.

The jeans are old, but I remember finding them in Forever 21 clearance for about $12, I recently got the shirt from there for $13, and the shoes are Nine West from Ross for $20. 

I'm kinda in love with bringing back the old-school topsy-tail, but I put it through and secure almost behind my ear. Also love that my dark red under-hair shows a neat little contrast.

Today I learned that A) I need someone to take these pictures of me, preferably outside. and B) I need to take pictures of the back, even if I feel awkward/as if I'm trying to show my ass. [I hate girls who are constantly like OMG LOOK AT HOW GOOD MY ASS LOOKS IN THIS MIRROR SHOT. Get outta here with that, ya cocky B.]

I instagrammed [follow me!--> luvelizabethany] a peek at today's outfit, but it'll be posted tomorrow or Monday! Totally rockin' the fedora and loving it.


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