Thursday, August 16, 2012

lots of show podcasts: road rage, embarrassing significant others, trying too hard, and more

I've been totally slacking on the podcasting show bits lately, which is stupid... because people have been calling in with AWESOME stories! [I've been offering prizes for the best one, which just happens to get people to be more willing to share....]

Here are some topics from the past couple weeks. I'll get the rest up here within the next couple days! Don't forget, you can always listen to my podcasts AND my show LIVE on my iPhone app!

I may or may not have stumbled into my guy's roommate's bed thinking it was my guy's one night.... I knew I wouldn't be alone in that.

Let's be real... everyone does it! But some of these guys are harshh.

Just when I thought girls put in all the effort to impress someone, I was proven WAY wrong. C'mon, karate kid!

I'll be honest... I thought I'd get people admitting doing this because they wanted free drinks or something. I was pretty surprised.

My coach's story of pulling down his pants to expose his junk to awful drivers is definitely the best, but why is one girl hitting her own car?!?

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