Wednesday, August 15, 2012

poll: who should i talk to after real world st thomas episode 8?

As I said after talking to Laura last week, I've now talked to them all, and I want YOU to pick which roommate I talk to each week!

Of course, there's no guarantee the first choice will get talked to since I can't coordinate with them earlier in the week like I normally do, but I will absolutely try! Just in case, pick your top two!

ALSO, since we're halfway through the season, let's answer these polls to see how you're feeling about everyone since I'm not doing them in chatrooms! There are only 6 questions, so it's quick! [Scroll to the right and you'll see the start button!]

Tonight's episode looks CRAY with Robb! Interested to see how this all goes down!

And if you haven't read up on all the Real World Portland updates [and the stalker!!!], click here!


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