Friday, August 10, 2012

the real world portland: meet roommate avery, the stalker, and more!

OMG. I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am right now!

I've known [and told you in a podcast] that the next Real World would be in Portland for a little while, but I was waiting for some good details to share with you. Well friends, those details are finally here! But that's not exactly why I'm excited.

There is someone there, who lives RIGHT next to the house, who is doing exactly what I did for all Real World fans! They're totally stalking/spying on them all the time, posting videos and pictures, and even have a Twitter handle with updates on where they're partying!

He even posted a video of a mysterious dog on their balcony/porch/rooftop! [Which, by the way, is pretty neat... but while BMP probably thought they were being sneaky and hidden up there, they had no idea this spy dude existed.

Some people may have thought I'd be jealous when someone did this, but absolutely not! [Truth is, I know I was the first to do it on Twitter/video/blog/podcast, so it's fine! ;)] I'm so excited to see what they post and I'd really like to talk to him ASAP!

I'll RT stuff I think is interesting, and of course keep you updated on here with big happenings. In the meantime, here are some of the things he's posted:

And as soon as I saw that picture, it totally took me back to RWDC. I know we shouldn't always compare, but whatever. It looks so much like the scene on S St. 

Well, maybe not exactly in the pictures... but definitely in my real-life memory. ;)

Also, Vevmo is keeping up with them as always. Here's a fun picture they tracked down:

I think that last picture seems very old-school Real World for some reason... Of course, just a first impression off four pictures of people I know nothing about, but that's fine.

We do know some stuff about one person, though! Meet Averey Tressler:

  • 21
  • From Tecumseh, Michigan, now lives in Phoenix/Temple, Arizona
  • Hooters waitress
  • Played basketball and volleyball
  • [That second picture is her HS senior portrait from 2009, I believe...]

Not much to know about her as of now, but Hooters waitresses always provide a good time, eh?!

And that's basically the gist of what's been happening in the past week! Comment or tweet me about your thoughts on Portland and the new "spy!"



Anonymous said...

Met her last week at splash bar, she was so nice but don't give her a beer she would go psycho.

xoxo said...

she was a fully nude stripper in ypsilanti michigan before she moved to arizona.