Monday, July 23, 2012

watch/nifty: hilarious equestrian workout system from asian people

Forget the Shake Weight and any other sexual workout items. This here, my friends, tops them all.

And thank God for the Asians who give us such beautiful pieces of equipment.

Now equestrians can simulate the ride in the comfort of their own home.........

First of all, there's no way they can really pretend like this is all about "simulating riding a horse." They're just smarter than us and think of sexual things, THEN try to compare them to other, more innocent things... I would bet my bottom dollar on that.

Either way, I do think it'd be fun to have. And it might even work some muscles! But I think it would work even better with a partner... ya knowww?!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah... That's Korean, not Japanese.